Baby Dahl’s Nursery – Spencer William

It’s been three months since our Baby Dahl, Spencer William, was born. (I started this post when he was 4 weeks old…and have had to backspace his age five times)! It has been the most blissful three months of our lives.


Spencer William’s birth announcement – created by me. Photography by Hudson’s Photography


On the night of May 11th, my mom & I decided it would be fun to test out these adorable mini coffee cake pans we’d just bought. Griffen and I were at her house; the kitchen was a cake batter, powdered-sugar disaster! Halfway through icing a coffee cake, my mom’s in the shower and the stomach pain hit me instantly. Grabbing the chopping block until it passed,  I shrugged it off as coincidence. Five minutes later, I yelled at Griffen to come to the kitchen, “I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure I’m in labor. I’m going to have this baby tonight!” My mom came rushing into the kitchen after my dad pulled her out of the shower. “This is it!”




After what seemed like just minutes, Spencer William entered the world on May 12, 2016 at 6:50am. Much to our surprise, Spencer William measured 22 inches long and weighed 8lbs 8oz (after two bowel movements! The nurse said he would’ve weighed 9lbs if they had weighed him right away).

He is named after his daddy, Griffen Spencer, and of course shares a name with my little brother, “Uncle Spencer”. (Although I’m sure Uncle Spencer tells no one in Nashville it’s Griff’s middle name!) His middle name is to honor my dad’s late father Lloyd William, whom I never had the chance to meet.




I’m loving every sweet second of motherhood; from the middle-of-the-night feedings to the morning snuggles; the spit-up covered burp rags to the adorable tiny outfits. Every precious, tiring & emotional moment that have come with my newborn are times I cherish, because they mean that I’m a mom. Wow. It feels weird to even type those words. I’m a mom.

I’ve dreamt of this season of life since I was a little girl, begging my little brother to play ‘house’ with me and my water babies. Let me tell you, it’s far more fun (and fulfilling) playing house with my real baby dahl! :)





The months & moments leading up to Baby Dahl’s arrival were some of my favorite. My mom (the most talented interior designer I know) and I spent every waking minute together – brainstorming, painting, sewing, and dreaming of the days and nights spent with Baby Dahl in the nursery. We drove our men crazy!


Everyone warned me (or my husband I should say) about nesting. I’m here to vouch… it’s the real deal! I knew I’d hit nesting rock-bottom at 36 weeks, when I asked Griffen to bring home eight 6-foot trees for a privacy fence. That night at 10pm, I had him and my parents standing in our backyard in winter coats, looking at these trees, when I realized what I really wanted was a wood fence. Oh, and for Griffen & my dad to build it! My men were so patient with me, as my nursery honey-do list quickly escalated into a full-blown house/yard list! I mean what newborn doesn’t need dining room chairs recovered to velvet? … or a fence in the backyard so they can’t crawl away!?


With lots of help, and many batches of homemade cookies as bribes, everything got done! You know, they say “Happy mom, happy baby!”









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