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No More Fear

No More Fear Parker Hotel Palm Springs Alt Summit

Let’s talk about  f e a r  for a minute. @coletterobinson took this photo of me in Palm Springs, during an impromptu photo shoot. Y’all, despite the number of hours I’ve spent obsessing over @karliekloss in my life, I’m not a supermodel. And man was I fully aware of that on this day. “How do I move? Do …

Raising Daughters: Surrendering the What-ifs of Motherhood to Jesus

surrendering what-ifs of motherhood to jesus. raising daughters

  ✨sappy post alert ✨ Becoming a mother to a girl gives me a whole new (sometimes overwhelming) sense of responsibility. •• what if I mess up? What if she messes up? What if she’s nothing like me? What if she doesn’t like me? What if girls are mean to her? What if I’m too …