No More Fear

No More Fear Parker Hotel Palm Springs Alt Summit

Let’s talk about  f e a r  for a minute.

@coletterobinson took this photo of me in Palm Springs, during an impromptu photo shoot. Y’all, despite the number of hours I’ve spent obsessing over @karliekloss in my life, I’m not a supermodel. And man was I fully aware of that on this day. “How do I move? Do I smile? I don’t know what to do with my hands. I feel so awkward.” All of those lines came out of my mouth- a million times. •I was wrecked with fear and insecurity… and it showed•.
Coco stopped me and said ✨ “take a big breath in and exhale out all of the sh*ts you give.” ✨ Woah, what? She said it again, and she was serious. So I did- literally. I took in a bigggg breath, raised my arms above my head.. and exhaled. With that big breath came the realization: ••what in the world am I so afraid of?•• I was afraid of looking stupid. I was afraid of what others would think of me…. in this case, even my best friend, someone who loves me amidst all of my awkwardness. ( NONSENSE!)

•• I got to thinking, this doesn’t just happen on photo shoots… y’all, this happens in real life, to so many of us, every👏🏻single👏🏻day.

It happens at parties, when everyone’s having conversations and you’re too scared to include yourself. It happens in public, when your toddler throws a tantrum and you’re too embarrassed to discipline. Fear happens at workout class, when you’re not as fit as the girl next to you. It happens at your job when you’re too scared to speak up. It happens with your friends, when you’re too proud to be vulnerable about your struggles. It happens with that side hustle, that you’re too timid to go all in for.

Ladies- hear me on this one 👉🏻

Fear is the devil in disguise; creeping in and whispering straight up lies!
F E A R  robs you of your JOY & the •person you were made to be•!!

Cling to the Lord’s promise that He has overcome the world!! What is there to fear?

✨ Find yourself a friend who will call out your insecurities & squash them w i t h you. Y(freaking)OLO, there ain’t no time for fear up in here. 🙌🏼

Let’s all take a big breath in and exhale that •fear• out together! ✨
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