Girl, Shave Your Face! | Face Shaving: The Secret to Bright Skin

Girl Shave Your Face

Girl Shave Your FaceGirl, shave your face. “wait, what?!” Yes sister, you read that correctly… I am telling you, girl, to shave your face! I have found that shaving my face is the secret to brighter, more clear and glowing skinAnd I’m letting you in on it!

If you’re completely weirded out by this, and wondering if you’ll grow a beard… stay with me because I was in the same boat one year ago, but ladies, shaving my face has been the biggest skincare game changer for me! (and spoiler alert: no beard!)

Rewind one year ago…

I kept hearing the internet buzz about dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that involves a dermatologist or aesthetician gently scraping the surface of your skin with a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin and peach fuzz (AKA shaving your face). My mom and I wanted to try it out, but didn’t want to spend the money. So, we picked up our Venus Razors and we started shaving our faces in her bathroom! (we actually started by shaving only half of our face, to see if we noticed a difference. And we did!!)

Have you ever noticed how men age slower than women? Well, men have been shaving the majority of their lives! (basically giving themselves at-home, anti-aging facials every week!)

After your first shave (because I know you’re about to do this tonight!), you will notice your skin has a dewy, squeaky clean & refreshed look. Your makeup will glide on smoother (this took me a bit to get used to!), and your lotion/skin-care products will absorb better.

And if you’re thinking, “but I don’t have facial hair,” ….

1. Oh, you do. Even if you can’t see it, it’s there! And it’s getting in the way of a glowing complexion you could be having.

And 2. you’ll be amazed at what you see in the razor afterwards! Not only does shaving remove peach fuzz hair, but also layers and layers of dead skin! (think exfoliating on another level!)

Shaving is a non-invasive way to prevent wrinkles and fight aging! (and hello, it’s FREE!)


Q&A before you shave your face….

Will I grow a beard? No! There are two types of hair on our bodies: 1. Vellus Hair –  short, fine, almost invisible hair that grows on much of your body. Vellus hair is the type of hair us ladies have on our faces! 2. Terminal hair – thicker, usually darker hair found on legs, armpits, etc. that does grow back thicker when removed.

What products do I need? The razor you use for your legs will work perfectly! Just make sure you’re using a fresh sharp blade! (I’m your Venus, I’m your fire!) Or you can purchase these Tinkle Razors on Amazon to get a little more precise. I just switched to the Tinkles, & love them!)

Girls Shave Your Face Tinkle Razor

How do I shave my face?  I prefer to wet my face and lather it with some cleanser/soap before shaving (hello, sensitive skin!) but you can totally do this dry as well! Make short strokes on your cheeks, above lips, between eyebrows (be careful! hold a finger over your brows so you don’t accidentally take one off!), forehead, jaw line, nose, neck! Check out this video of my “Insta-friend”, Living with Landyn showing off how she shaves hers!

Post-shave? Moisturize! And then moisturize again! {LINKED HERE} is favorite moisturizer & it’s worth every penny to me.

How often do you shave your face?
I shave once or twice a week! It’s so easy, it only adds two minutes to my bed-time routine. And my mama is still shaving her face, too! She swears it’s helping her skin look more youthful!


More on my skin-care coming soon! For now, check out my skin-glowing green smoothie recipe, and get shaving ladies!

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