Raising Daughters: Surrendering the What-ifs of Motherhood to Jesus

surrendering what-ifs of motherhood to jesus. raising daughters


✨sappy post alert ✨

Becoming a mother to a girl gives me a whole new (sometimes overwhelming) sense of responsibility.

•• what if I mess up? What if she messes up? What if she’s nothing like me? What if she doesn’t like me? What if girls are mean to her? What if I’m too strict? Too lenient? How  do we get to that “sleepovers in matching jammies, no boys allowed, popcorn & pouring our hearts out” kind of level??!

•• my mother is my best friend. In my mind, she freaking nailed parenting. She taught me to love the Lord, love others, & love myself (in that order). She taught me that if you work hard & you’re kind, amazing things can happen. And that i was not made to be small! (No pun intended 😉).

She also taught me that through the what-ifs, you gotta fall to your knees and surrender it to Jesus.••

•• so here I am, lying with my little girl in her dock-a-tot, wrecked with what-ifs… praying the blood of Jesus over her sweet soul. I wish I could freeze time right here on this Tuesday at 2:32pm. But since I can’t, I’ll write the sweet memory of this moment in her journal, and maybe, just maybe, in 25 years she’ll be exactly where I am today, with her little girl. ••

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