Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market

One of my favorite things about Bloomington summertime is waking up early on Saturday mornings to go to the Farmer’s Market with my best friend (my Mom!). The local Farmer’s Market is a Bloomington MUST! It is filled with everything from organic fruit and veggies to farm-raised meats and eggs- live music and bouquets of beautifully arranged flowers – hot kettle corn and tents of delicious grub from local restaurants. Mom and I buy as much as we can fit in our basket (or as much as we can afford with the change we dig out of our purses… seems we always forget to bring cash!)

Our first stop was for Brown County Coffee and delicious Mini Frittatas from Feast (our favorite spot in town!) We always pick up fresh tomatoes for homemade salsa & guacamole (recipes blooming soon!) and something sweet to take home to the boys! Today’s Simply Delicious treat was a flourless dark chocolate cake- it sounds rich but it was light and fluffy, the perfect match for a cup of hot joe!

We usually get one weird thing we have never tried before.. this week was a box of Christmas Pole Lima Beans. [Wait until you see what we did with them.. let me just say our family took a vote and they were an ingredient of the best meal we’ve ever made! I’ll give you a hint: barbecue grilled chicken, tortillas and homemade basil pesto were all on the list! (coming next week!)]


Sunday night is family dinner night in the Turner home. Which means I have an excuse to bake! (but honestly, who need any excuse to bake?!)

Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting by the fire on an August night, surrounded by the laughter and love of your whole family, and a great big bowl of warm homemade Peach Cobbler over Vanilla Ice Cream! 

 Click the picture for the recipe!



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