I Said Yes!

I found the one my heart loves


Took me back to where it all began

first date picture

I will never forget the night Griffen Dahlstrom asked me on our first date. (I practically had to beg him!) It was the beginning of my first summer home from college. I had my eye on Griffen all semester. My whole family knew his name and football number, saw the video of him killing a shark on spring break, and had listened to me exclaim that he could be “the one”, weeks before Griffen ever knew my name.    The night finally came when he asked me on a date to Dairy Queen. I was so nervous, I honestly didn’t think I would physcially be able to go. I raced home after waitressing at the Country Club when Griffen pulled into the drive, walked to the front door and rang the bell. As I anxiously opened the door, I turned around to find my mom standing behind me smiling and my dad and brothers standing tall waiting to give a firm handshake (which indeed they did!). Griffen led me to the car, opened the car door for me and we were on our way. Down a road that would lead to the best four years of my life. That hot June night at Dairy Queen, we sat outside eating our blizzards and telling stories until the place closed down and lights went out.


fast forward smaller



to three years later, September 28th, 2013. Griffen took me to Lake Monroe, a rocky beach where we have spent many dates- picnicking on summer afternoons, and gazing at the Indiana stars on summer nights. I started to get the feeling just maybe this was it. The day I have been waiting my whole life (and certainly our whole 3 years together) for. But just when I thought any second now he will start pouring his heart out and get down on one knee, his phone rang. It was older brother, Keaton, asking us to stop at Dairy Queen on our way back home and pick him up a Butterfinger Blizzard (which is a frequent request by him, so nothing out of the usual).

My heart raced as we drove in nervous silence to Dairy Queen. “Act normal” I kept telling myself, but there was no hope for that. I sat in silence as we pulled in and parked right where we did on our first date. We approached the window- hand in hand- when he stopped me and… 

He Got Down on One Knee Greyproposal pic

(while our moms hid behind cars firing away their cameras!)


laughing and ring

with this beautiful ring


let the celebration begin

DSC_0752 - Version 2

My wonderful soon-to-be  mother-in-law,  father-in-law, and grandfather the Lord has blessed me with.

I couldn’t be more thankful for them. 

celebrations begin grid


picture 2

sharing news with spencer

grayden sterling

My soon-to-be nephew Grayden & niece Sterling. They already call me “Uncle Madison”, but promise that once we get married I’ll become “Aunt”. 


our first wedding gift


My sweet mother- my best friend- knows me all too well. I have a deep admiration for antique china, and she found an entire set of Antique Haviland Limoge China- Silver Anniversary Pattern (circa 1902). The woman who owned this set was a great friend of the Kennedy Family. I couldn’t be more thankful and touched. Oh, and Griffen was thrilled as well. ;) He loves the gravy boat… I promised I would make his Bs & Gs with it when we’re married.


haviland limoge2


a beautiful bondDSC_0756


thanks be to god

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy for the bountiful blessings the Lord has given me. My selfless and loving parents- my encouraging and caring siblings (Keaton, Shelby & Spencer) who are my absolute best friends- and now the sweetest and most selfless, God-fearing fiancé- and a sweet and wonderful family of in-laws. Thanks be to God, for he is good. His faithful love endures forever. (Psalm 136)



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