Wedge Salad Sliders: A Healthy Appetizer People Will Actually Eat

Wedge Salad Sliders: Healthy App People Will Actually Eat. Tailgate Food.


I’m always looking for •healthy tailgate dishes• 🏈


(don’t get me wrong, i still hit the Tostitos hard).


This summer a friend brought over Wedge Salad Sliders to a party and they were SO yummy & easy to eat (Finger foods are key to parties when you’re chasing around little kiddos! 🙃)


I made these for a tailgate party and thought I’d share the idea with YOU! 😘🙌🏼



– Iceberg lettuce heads (this is 1.5. You need extras because it falls apart. I cut it in half, then the halves in half. Then make little triangle cups)
– Cherry Tomatoes
– Bleu Cheese crumbled
– Hard-boiled Eggs (this has 4)
– Bacon
– coarse ground Black Pepper
– •Dressing: whatever you want! Typical Cobbs have ranch/bleu cheese dressings. I used one @hidden.valley Ranch seasoning packet, with some buttermilk & @primalkitchenfoods mayo until I got the right consistency & flavor. I also love @tessemaes #whole30approved dressings!

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